Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It`s Just Another Day

"It`s just another day..."
-Paul McCartney-

I like uneventful days.

And trying to turn them into something blog worthy...

(but still wondering who would read this, uh... Unsinn)


  • No host mom... means I get to eat at school which means I got to walk to school!
  • Walked to school.. realized that I can totally have worship sessions every morning. This was the second one. Throw on that iPod, get into the woods... and goodness we have a good God! I felt quite happy as I walked through the schools entrance doors into...
  • German classe. And I pulled out my smelly tiny little taped up yellow book. A little book with old German words that are not in my dictionary. Hence, the time was spent writing in my agenda about the day before.
  • Geography test! These are the best.. just write down some random answers and get full marks. The teacher appreciates that I just give it a go.. which I do. But, well, I have no idea what the weather map for today is in Switzerland. So I drew a wonderful map showing the temperatures in Antartica. Hope she doesn`t verfy that with the internet. Then we watched that Global Warmings vid by Al Gore... happy to say I understood parts of it.
  • No Italien.. hence, two hours in the computer lab, ahem.. working? Nah, Facebook instead.
  • Lunch... Wow! The cafeteria here always whips out restaurant quality food. Today, some sort of fine tender chicken in a sauce along with rissotto or something like that. The meat sort of melted in the mouth. And they have toothpicks on each table!
  • Theatre. I guess I said my lines right? I really am coming to like the director, he is so sweet.. and old. And totally into what he is doing. And we all love people wîth passion.
  • Read. Heavenly Man. Check it out! Amazing book and really encouraging to my faith.. and convicting.
  • Dinner.. same old same old. Still trying to get the courage to eat the slimy creamy cheese stuff. I like it sharp.
  • 50 First Dates. Yep. Watched it.. with my host dad. I think he has good taste in movies.. or he was just watching whatever was on the TV that night. I think it was the later.

So.. that is just a glimpse into a normal same old same old day in my life.

But know what.. it never gets old. I am still blown away by the beauty each day as I walk along the water front staring at the mountains raised up tall across the lake. Covered in snow. The rolling hills. The perfection.

(snapshot from my walk home yesterday)

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