Sunday, May 11, 2008

Random Little Tid Bizt

Tagged by Andrea DeBrino!
(Thanks Andrea, you make me smile... cause you do. And my mom sent me the newspaper clipping, and you were in it... Fun Raisers or something like that :P)

Ook..... I have not much so time to do this, I have no computer at the moment.


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1. I go on walks wearing bright clothes in the afternoon to see old people and try and make them smile by saying hello in Switzerland. Cause the old people are always walking... and they are not smiling. And I think old people that smile are SO CUTE! So I put on a huge grin and send my loving greetings to them.

2. In the last year I have learned to like tomatoes, nuts, potatoes, and ahem, beer. Not that I drink beer :P But in America, I loathed the above, and now I find them acceptable.

3. I find one of the most amazing things in life is when a little child sleeps in my arms. Wow. An entire life at rest, peaceful, trusting... and it keeps me warm.

4. I LOVE peeling sunburns... it doens't even have to be mine. I just peel it.. better than oranges!

5. A habit of mine... eh. Have I one? My habit would be... well, I get in song ruts. And can listen to a song over and over... once I listened to "My Shiny Teeth and Me" 31 times in one day...

6. Carrot Salat rocks!

7. I think it would rock if my future was not just a photographer.. but a book binder in England! I would really enjoy binding books for a living.. I think.

8. Mr. French guy at the comix festival... I will never forget you. But you willl DIE some day. You made me laugh... ahahhaaha.. you had a French accent.

9. A wish... I really want to go on a rubber boat on Sarner See, er, Lake before I go home.. better yet, sleep on the rubber boat.. mwmahah.

10. I don't really want to go back to IHS because of the so boxiness of it. It stinks. I mean, there are all these groups, and I feel like I am forced to stay in one. Heck. In Switzerland I could speak with anyone. The popular folks, the geeeks, the theater nerds (whom I love :P), jocks, it doesn't matter! I can just talk to whoever. But in America, wow, it is so different. I want to get to know more people, but they are so freakin judgemental! So, i guess it is the same here in Switzerland, and it is just the fact that I am a exchange student that allows me to do such things, but I want life to keep going on like that. I want to go and talk to whoever and whenever just because I want to get to know them.

10 people to tag eh? I ought to tell you why I tagged you, but due to limited time on the computer, make up a reason. Such as Jesse and Nate and Emily, its cause you wear converse.


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