Monday, May 19, 2008


Well... I feel like blogging, and I can.

We just finished our meal.. it was, er, interesting. Half of us actually finished it. But the cream covered cream puff completely made it complete.

Yes, the exchangers invaded the lovely city of Venice once again... taking it by storm and doing the unordinary.

We started in the tourist ary of this Marks platz... not sure the name. Anyways, there are a bajillion pijiogns.

Then someone asked me if I wanted to go check out those places that aren't touristy.... that was already my intentions and hopes of the day, so of course I said yes.

And that is essentially who my day was spent with.

Chloe, Chrystie, Taylor, and Travis.

We mounted walls, climbed fences, window grates.. anything. The majority of the time was in tiny alley ways... some so small your shoulders practically touched the walls.

We wanted to go where we were not to go... and did go to great lengths to achieve that.

I enjoyed the lingustic university... we ended up some 4 stories up and were able to overlook the entire city....

And then we made it to a lithograph shop, or somethying like that.. and bought somie snazzy postcards that really captured the Venice we had came to know... the real Venice. Not the tourist venice... Venice. Venice....

Finaly we split up into two groups... me with the ladies, naturally. And we got on a gondolla.

That was soemthing I will never regret spending my money on, that gondala ride.

The man sang to us. Just going down the canals.. like in the movies.

Nothing could beat that feeling of bliss....

Anyways, so Venice rocked my socks. I loved it. Really did. And it is defintily something that I was not dissapointed in...

We are about to go for a walk on the beach...

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