Sunday, May 18, 2008

EuroTour Update

OK, so I only have a bit of time to update you guys.

But currently I would be located in Italy.. specifically a town in the near from Venice.

We have been at this for 7 days now... not bad eh.

51 of us, traveling around a on a bus.

We have invaced Vienna and Klaggenfuhrt in Austria and the rest of the week, till the 23rd will be in Italy.

Really, it is quite brilliant and like nothing i have ever done before. With so much time together, we are getting, well, really close. The conversations are moving from the future to our past. Yeah. Gelling. Sure we have our cliques, but life goes on.

Currently, we are right by the ocean, ready to swim... but there is a thunder and ilghtning making that not so probable.

I bet a lot of people want to shoot me ror writing this... but I feel a bit selfish at the moment.

Yeah... morgen we go to Venice... apparently a cafe can cost 12 Euros for one cup...

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