Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paragliding in the House and Barefoot in the Snow

After a late night of yodeling yesterday, I let myself sleep in till 9:00, and stay in bed till 10:00 or so. My I felt lazy, but it felt good. And the rest of the family was still in bed as well.

I looked out the window, and BANG, there was snow. It was snowing! Snowing! Right now… in April. I thought for sure my snowy days in Switzerland were over. And they were big, huge, heavy flakes.

I figured that they had already eaten and was ready to prepare myself breakfast when I saw a full, but clean dishwasher. So I unloaded it. Then the hostmom came in and started to make breakfast, guess I wasn’t late after all.

She made up a fantastic omlette for us all. And we also had Zopf, as usual, with raspberry jam! I love raspberry jam!

After breakfast, the host dad asked who wanted to go in the snow. I would have, but I left all my snow gear at the last house. But was surprised when all the kids and the dad started to roll up their pants and grab their jackets… but no shoes. I don’t know if it is normal for them or something, but soon I found myself doing laps outside in a snowy field barefoot… all of us were. The little Felix lasted a good 30 seconds before Peter had to carry him back in the house. After running in a circle, we would run back in and warm our feet up on a towel. The two oldest kids did the run again. They said it is good for your feet to go from warm to cold to warm to cold… hmmm. I find this family quite awesome.

Then we had a football, well, füssball match. Not in the snow. No. Table football. Me and the two oldest against the dad and Felix. Sadly, we lost the first round but by the second we had warmed up and won. So that was some more family time. That is one thing I like, Sundays are for families.

It wasn’t long before the kids made it up to my room again and asked if I wanted to play. Well sure, I am game for anything. But it ended up being a shooting game. Normally I would go for it but I believe the mom is trying to discourage that. So I died… and stayed dead till we played Uno. The little 3 year old Felix won his share. Then we played shoots and ladders and a sort of snake game. I dunno. But it was cool. Just me and my three host siblings playing together on the floor for the morning.

I gave the kids reign over my camera and we climbed a bit on the wall until the host dad came up and joined us. Then things really got fun. He would instruct them where and how to climb and they worked out pathways.

My host dad used to do paragliding, or still does, not really any more. Anyways, the paraglide you have sort of a hammock swing backpack thing. So we hooked that up to the ceiling with climbing ropes and made a snazzy swing in our hallway. For the next hour or so we swung, twisted, climbed, and just had a blast. So that was cool… and unordinary and like nothing I have ever done with a host family.

This family is not like the other host families. Totally different environment. And it takes just a minute to get used to eating breakfast as a little guy runs around the house with a huge drum banging it, and the other one a cow bell clanging it as loud as it goes.

And here I am now. Looking out the window. Typing my days away to remember forever. My hair is wet. I have a green towel around my shoulders. It is 7:59 at night, the kids should be in bed for now. Tomorrow school begins again after a two week break. Jorge changes host families tomorrow. The lower third of my view is grassy fields, all the snow has melted. Every once in a while a person walks by. In the middle, the mountains and hills tower over our small village. Everything up there is dusted with snow. Fog obscures some parts, but the peak is still visible. There are a few patches of lightness in the sky. And then, the top third is just sky. Grey, but beautiful. And I hear outside my bedroom door the little Felix babbling away, and outside the river carrying on.

9:05 --> Off to go pack my bag for school tomorrow and the sleep for 9 hours.

And that’s life.


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