Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23rd and 36 Exchangers

So… I finally got home from EuroTour on May 23rd. I woke up at 8:00 the next day realizing I had to get Miss Nelly a dress she had lent me and needed that night.

9:06 on the train.
10:00 on the train to Bern.

I met her at 11:03 in Bern, returned the dress, and learned that Taylor and his mother and sister, real family, were coming bald. With an empty day ahead of me, I decided to join them on their excursion to see the bears and other sights of Bern.

I bought a binder for my EuroTour memeories book.

At around 11:18 they arrived along with Alice.

We headed out and spent the next 2 or 3 hours checking out Bern. Conversations included hot cocoa, solar panels, EuroTour, organs, baby socks, and other things of important nature.

It was raining. I was lacking a jacket.

We headed to a café and were treated to something of something sort by Miss. Taylors Mom… Michelle? Thank you Taylor’s Mom.

In this café, there just so happened to be around 4 other exchange students.

Exchange Student Tally: 7

We drank, some smoked, discussed enlightening things. Another exchangie came.

Then we headed to the station to pick up more students… I believe after that we had 14 students total, but 2 had left. So that day I had seen 16 students so far…

We went to the top of the station. Drank beverages such as ice tea. Watched a dude do magic tricks which were trickily amazing.

I was quite amused when the police came to talk to me. Sitting on the steps, just 2 steps away from me and two others were other kids drinking vodka and smoking. Yet we were on the platform, and it was with us the police wanted to speak with. We were not in the play area, but apparently it was just for kids, and we were breaking some rules. We were just sitting under a tree… two steps away it was ok to drink and smoke, but a couple feet away and you were in trouble. So we moved. Checked out pics. Took pics.

Pee break on Gleis 5.

More tea.

They were going to head to some place, I honestly was not interested and the day seemed to be going slowly so I jumped on a train to Olten, which would then take me to Luzern. While on this train to Olten, I began to speak with Jorge, figured out he was on a train to Olten too and was going one stop further to Aargau. Well, why not? So I stayed on the train to Aargau and ended up meeting with some 10 other exchange students, the majority were latinos.

The latinos rock.

Students rode bikes around. I printed pictures. We went and got kebabs. Came back. Waited for people. Headed to Mr. Pickwicks and got coke and ice tea with lemons in. Just hung out.

I really enjoyed that evening. Just chillin, I guess you could say. Hanging out. Basking in the glow of a group of exchange students. I believe there were 18 of us there? I learned quite a bit of Spanish from the Ramiro and enjoyed bashing my head trying to remember certain words.

We took pictures.

I wore Miguel’s host dad’s jacket from Bolivia and fell in love with it.

On the train ride had us Patrick, Paz, and Jaxon. So we all had a good hour ride home together which I guess was enjoyable.

30 minutes in the Luzern Bahnhof.

Ride home part way with Jaxon.

We met a friend of his and discussed Nidwalden, which I just so happen to loath.

He got off.

I arrived in Giswil around 1:15.

In bed by 2:00.

So yeah, that was one lovely day.

In total I was with three different groups of exchange students, around 36 total in one day… not bad eh?

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