Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My new country! Where I may live for 10 months next year. My foreign exchange info.

Here it is! I have officially been accepted. And they officially have a spot for me in....


Cool huh?

But I don't have to go there. Nope. They're currently still looking for some other places for me to go (such as Sweden). But it's good to know I have a place to go. I have three families lined up for me in Switzerland that I could live with.

But the question is. Is this where I want to go? Should I wait?

I have one to two weeks to make my decision. Time to do some research...


It's here:

They have cool photo frames (old blog).

Did you know that...

  • They have the highest chocolate consumption in the world! It's around 22 lbs (10 kg) per person!

  • They have the 4th highest cheese consumption too at 20.6 kg per capita!

  • They speak German (64%), Italian (6.5%), French (20.4%), and some Ramanish (less than 1%)

With ninja stuff like that, I think I'd like it there.

If anyone knows anything about Switzerland (besides the fact that it's cold, it costs a lot of money to live there, or that they tuck their pants into their socks) feel free to tell me


Chuck said...

Alright, I shall leave you your first comment, since I know you like that sort of thing. Whenever I think of Switzerland, I think of The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. Perhaps that would be interesting reading for you. Maybe you could even manage to read it in the original German a year from now, but I would try the English translation first. It's complex, so two readings are recommended anyway. As if you needed anything more to fill up your hours. :)

This is exciting. I only wish I could go too. You're going to have such vivid moments to look back on for the rest of your life. I hope you have a blast. You'd better keep in touch, though, for you will be missed..

fiona said...

hello :)
I'm Swiss and I'll go to the USA for an exchange year in 08/09. If you have any questions about Switzerland don't hesitate to ask, I'll always try to answer, though my english isn't very good (sorry!).
here's my e-mail address:
by the way, it isn't everywhere in switzerland always cold..okay, at the moment it IS but normally we have summer like every country ;) I'd be pleased if you wrote, because you seem very nice ^^