Monday, November 3, 2008

In Just a Day

How much
is my school
able to give
to kids in Africa
in just one day?

(when all I do is talk to a handful of people and hold out my jar with a cause)

Today, at school, I decided to see how much my classmates would be willing to, and able to give.

I admit, I had low expectations. My goal was $5 in change or so.

The day started with two cakes. I brought them to first period. Set them up on a table. And from there, anyone could take a piece. Anyone. And, if they wanted to, they could give some change or whatever to the kids in Africa.

My goal for period one was $2.

The first person to donate reached that goal -- thanks Collin.

Anyways, from there, it was simple as holding out the jar and asking. And people obliged. I never got a no, unless they didn't have money.

Dollar Bills.

Inglemoor, you guys are awesome.

And in one day, $38.65 was raised.

We're raising money for Anaka Secondary School in Uganda.

We're not just looking for a temporary solution. We're working with Schools for Schools, realizing that for them to have a brighter future, we need to invest in their education.

Anyways, I'll be out again tommorow with the same jar.

The money has already been sent to Invisible Children.

Go to for more information.

Thirty eight dollars and sixty five cents doesn't seem like a lot over here, but we'll make a difference.

(Update: The next day, $40 was raised)

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