Monday, April 7, 2008

Computer Situation

Well, I am now into the last third of my exchange. Crazy eh? And I am typing on an American keyboard which is driving my poor fingers insane as they finally have mastered the German.

I have changed host families and you won *searches for apostrophe*’ t be hearing from me as much lately as they have no (NO) computer. None at all. Which is ok with me. Good for me… but a bit of an inconvenience while I need it not just for blogging and photos, but to keep in contact with Rotary, Inglemoor, and family. So yeah, I will have to work that one out. For now I am using a dandy laptop from my dear father in America, it is a bit old, I am afraid it will break someday, but it definitely is a blessing and does the trick.

So, to keep in contact and keep the blogs coming, I will be making blog packets on CD’s for when I do get on the computer. Then I merely have to *edit copy edit paste* it into and a blog will be up within minutes. Pictures also will be pre-edited and ready to be published.

I guess that is my technology update for now.

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