Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Word

One word:


I am at it again! Changing the host families. In, eh, 4 hours or so?

"Time keeps ticking away... tick tick ticking away!"

I really miss those British Crumpets from Trader Joes!

Anways, yeah, I am changing, at least I am not nervous.

I have mixed feelings about changing. I know it is time. And things with this family are going swell. Me and my hostmom did picture stuff together last night.

When you leave a host familiy, well, when I leave, I can only hope that I am leaving on a good note, a good impression. That they will, in fact, miss having me being in their home all the time.

They just had a baby lamb! It is SO tiny! They might name it, well, Maggie! I find that a very nice name for a baby sheep.

So yeah, I best be go packing.

So embarressing, first thing your new host famiy sees of you is your 7 million loaded bags that you have accquired in the past, eh, 8 months or so.

98 days.

98 days.

"Don't stress too much about how much time you have otherwise you will spend all your time worrying! :)"
-Margaret Shipe -

98 freakin' short days.

I will be ready to come home.

"I'm not saying to forget about the future, but think about what you're missing out on. The opportunities, the people you can met, the relationships you can have, and the knowledge you can gain. Go out there and live life."
-Andrea DeBrino -

It seemed that she [Andrea] was writing more on the topic of the distant future, college and such, at least that was moreorless the topic of the note. But it applies to these next 98 days as well... I think. Yeah, I think. Thinking is good.

I have to quit thinking about how I barely have any time left here.. or I won't be able to enjoy it.

Time will keep coming, so I best get moving (literally), enjoy myself. Defnitily live life.

I mean, that is why I am here right? To live life. When the Swiss school interviewed me on why I am here, I said just that, "To live life."

I have no regrets coming here.

No second thoughts.

I wouldn't change my life for anything else.

I love riding my bicycle along the blue clear waters and zwischen the mountains!

I am one happy camper.

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