Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day At the Kuhlmans [fotoessay]

Wellah, I am working on transisting into the USA way of life, and was totally blessed when I had an invitation to visit the Big Rock Ranch, home of the Kuhlman family, for a lovely morning with Mrs. Kuhlman (Nancy!) and Sir James.

I like it.

It was one of the first times in America that I felt really happy and sort of free.

They live in, well, Snohomish. Pretty much the country. And from their house they can see two mountain ranges along with the respected volcano, Mt. St. Rainier.

It was just a refreshing, renewing time.
Mrs. Kuhlman... llama fields? Jes. I think so.

I was able to talk to Nancy about life in general, hear about life on the ranch, and do, well, stuff.

She made an amazing (aka epic) stack of Swedish Pancakes to enjoy, which we did. Complete with fresh blueberries me and James had just picked together. Mmm…. Soo good! Along with yoghurt, powdered whipped cream, strawberries, and butter.

We even drove down to the “river,” ok, so the not so flowing creek down at the end of the property. On the way back, James got to drive.


Mr. Sir James. We play Uno together.

James is one of the most amazing kids I know, seriously. He is 7 years old, I believe, and pretty much always filled with ideas, energy, and is just one cool guy.

Anyways, he drove us through the hay fields in crazy circles to the tune of “Ob La Dee.” Defintily something I will not forget.

Photo by James.

Nancy talking to the llamas... cause they be awesome.

Llamas! And they have llamas! They were so sweet and fuzzy and big and they had cool feet. I liked them.

He told me to make a llama face... here it is.

They all had personalities and such, which I found pretty sweet. You could see it just from beeing with them for a couple minutes.

So thanks Nancy for having me! It was an amazing day and I will be taking you up on that offer and coming back again soon. Thanks and God Bless!

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