Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kitchen Cubboards and the Perseids Meteor Shower

The Kitchen Cubboards and the Perseids Meteor Shower

Back home.

Meteor Shower? Sounds like a plan.

So me, Sarah, and Brent headed out to check out the stars that night and perhaps see a few fly through the sky, well, meteors, flying, through the sky.


About to head up when *bang* we called Kiku! And she came with us.

We had a melodica, two guitars, nose flute, and kazoo... ready to go.

Stopped at Taco Time, loaded up on Mexi Fries.
Oh so good.
Greasy goodness.
Babies hate music.

And we drove.
And drove.
And drove.

40 miles there.

Where is there? Why, we went to Rattlesnake Lake, by Rattlesnake Ridge, by North Bend.

We got there and the parking lot was full. The park was closed. The lot park was full. So we parked anyways. Stocked up on blankets, tarps, food, essentials, and headed into the park.

Set up camp. Tarps underneath. Nest on top.

And then the night began.


God's creation.

I was totally in awe. Out there, the lights of the world were blocked out, only stuff up there was worth our attention. Meteors flew.

Oh yes, they flew.

"I think it's peaking guys."
"It's peaking."
"Stop ruining my night vision."

Night vistors, our friends, the mice.

Fruit loops in the lake.
Watering the lake.

Sick on sugar.

Gummy Bears/Beef Jerkey/Fruit Bars/Chips/Fruit Loop Necklaces/Bagels

Yes, we could survive in the wilderness.

At one point, we heard a sharp scream from Kiku.
A mouse had invaded, between her and Brent.
Brave little mouse.
Would not go away.
Would not go away.
Would not go away.
That was not pleasing to us.

So we took the food back.

Yes. It was an amazing night. I mean, not that much can beet getting out there, in no where, with your friends. Just realaxing. Not having to do anything. See what is up in the sky.

And we are seriously missing a lot of stars from here in the suburbs. The light polution deletes a bunch of stars up there.

Thanks you guys.
For an awesome night.
I enjoyed it.

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