Friday, June 8, 2007

I Don't Like Butterflies


I'm mowing the lawn like a good girl (yes, I even volunteered to mow the lawn.. I enjoy doing it).

So I'm cruising along.

Listening to the Who.




There was a butterfly.
It was hobbling around.
So I didn't want to kill it.

Cause killing butterflies is like the epitome of cruel eh?

I mean - who wants to die between the horrible blades of the lawn mower?

Being smashed between them?

Those delicate wings...

And it looked like a freakin' cripplie.

So I waited for it to go on.

I sat with the lawn mower running for a minute.

*fly little butterfly - fly away!*

[I would have stopped the lawn mower but the thing is I can't start it. Don't know why. It jerks my arm and never makes a sound. So I get my dad to. I love to mow the lawn, honestly, but I can't start it]

And then I went around it.

I came back to the same spot... there it was.



Looking pretty.


So I waited.


I move closer.

Now the butterfly can feel the whirring blade's wind blowing towards it.

Grass particles pelting it.

And it didn't move.

I waited.

And went around it.

Now our lawn has a big patch where the grass is tall.

"Um Dad.. sorry about the square. Yeah. There was a butterfly... yeah. It's now called Butterfly Land. Yes. The butterfly has a name. I named it Fredrick."

So I figured, why not get a picture of it?

I grab my camera.

I figured, it didn't move when the lawn mower was inches from it roaring horribly... I'll just sneak up.

I sneak up so slowly.



It was a fraud.. no cripple.

It could fly.

I was sad.

So I mow next to it, and it stays. I sneak up on it and it flies away.



And now our lawn has a square.

I think that I'll say that aliens landed... but instead of a crop circle where the grass is cut in a circle and lower than the field.. well, the grass is higher, not cut, and in a square, not circle.

The End

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