Wednesday, June 13, 2007



It is true.

I know where I am staying in Switzerland.

God has amazing ways of working in my life. When I first heard where Nelly was going, Bern, I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed. Why? It's Bern. In going to Switzerland, I knew that I had to remain active to keep myself from getting to homesick. Keep myself busy. Get plugged into different activities. I knew that while there I could do square dancing and curling. And which city had both these activities? Bern. Yep. And I was left not even knowing which city I was to go to.

But then I realized that God knew where I was going already. God knew what would be perfect for me. He knew which family would work for me. School. City. He had a plan for my life. And then things were okay. I decided to give the entire matter over to him and not worry aobut it.

And I'm glad I did. There was nothing to worry about. God blessed me again and I am so thankful that I am going where I am going.

My new town is quite cliche.

It's in the very center (literally) of Switzerland. In the moutains. In the canton of Obwalden. On the lake of Sarnen. In the town of Sachseln.

Yep. I will be living in the moutains. I looked up my house on Google Earth and it is amazing. I am right next to (litterally - only a small road seperates the house and lake) Lake Sarnen. It's absolutely beautiful.. and as I said, cliche.

As Nicole (a Swiss exchange student) put it, "Of all the places *laugh* Obwalden? It's the most Heidi-like."

You know Heidi, that story of the little girl in the moutnains? Well. That's where I'm headed. But Nicole did proceed to tell me how much fun I would have there and how it's a wonderful place.

What about my family?

I'll be staying with the Hinters.

[hinter means "behind" when translated from German to English so many
websites have confusing text when I search their name and translate them to English]

The Hinters have three kids.

Anita - 17 years
Sandra - 15.5 years
Phillip - 12 years

So I'll be the middle child... I guess.

I'm really excited to have some siblings.

I've done some searching on the internet and found them on several sites... and I'm so thankful to God. Just from the little information I have, it seems like they will be the perfect family for me.

I will be a student at Kantonsschule, Sarnen.
Sarnen is the town right next to little Sachseln. It's quite a bit bigger.

The school looks quite snazzy, there's a link to its site over there ----->

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On the left is the school. On the right is a hospital.

I could use some prayer here. I'm really dependent upon my church family and enjoy all the fellowship I get with them. Thankfully, I have a church. It's a bit different though, Catholic. But I am quite greatful to even have a church.

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There was a patron saint or something, Brother Klaus, who did something major over here. I have to do more research. But anyways, it's large enough to put it on the map. Lots of folks to pilgrimages here.

I'll put up a blog of just pictures of my town below this one... so go take a look if you like... I guess.

It all seems unreal.

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