Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Future Life...

I have been giving my future life some thought.. and really want to skip my last year of high school and get on with things. (I won`t though.. sigh)

What to do?

I have way to many inspirations.

First off.. photography (God... if it is your will, I want my life to involve photography.). My life has cenetered around it since 8th grade or so.. and I have not ceased to, well, love it. Every day, photography. I want to do that for my life!

Massage thearpy. I want this to be a back up.. for now. Just on a whim, thought of that. Dad, you said that is what you thought I should do. I will need something to do if phtography doesn`t work out. But I guess if it is God`s will, it will :P But why not? It would be great for gifts too :P


I want to study abroad (ok Mom?)

Not some crazy prestigous collge. What about a community college abroad. I admit my mind is set on the UK.. Scotland? Sure, why not. I got roots there (McCleod :P) I have been into my waybackthenhertiagewhereicamefrom thingy for some time. Asky my lovely grandma (she has facebook now!). Anyways, I couldn`t I live there?

I tried the abroad in another language experience. It was great. But I am ready for English.

I don`t want to do something all that academic.. English majors? Psch. I am not really arsty.. I don`t know. Communications?

I want a life that I can totally look back on and with no regrets.

There is so much to do! And I am already realizing how short life is.

But then, after all this, I feel guiltiy. I mean, God already has a plan for me. I need to trust him. And what is a life it isn`t spent surving him. But yeah, I want to use my photorgpahy for him some how.. in Scotland. Is that possible?

And then again, I have some 2 years to get it ALL straightened out.. cough.

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