Monday, March 31, 2008

60 KM

So yesterday...

We had the "1st Communion" thing in the church.. I have never seen the church so packed. Not my church. The church of my host family. Anways, that was cool as all the kids were dressed in white robes and there was hard core music (with one epic organist).

And then we drove home.

It was a beauitful day!

Warm, blue skies, sun shinning, one that made me just want to get out of the house.... for a while.

So I hopped on my bike and just rode and rode and rode.

"Where are you going?" my host dad inquired.
"I don't know... I never know." was my reply.

I had no idea... I just knew I was riding my bicycle.

I started out towards Sarnen and just kept going. Till my eyes caught a hold of one of the Veloland signs, those marroon signs that will get you anywhere by bike (the yellow signs are the wanderwegs, and you can literally get anywhere with them).

Anways, it said, "Luzern" and I though, "I like Luzern" so off I went following it.

I went from sign to sign following the roads and the paths and the trails. I was almost always by a body of water with a scenic mountain backround. Naturally I took pictures... but they are not up yet.

It was brilliant! I reached Alpnach Dorf and there was a match going on at FC Alpnach. I knew some of the guys playing and stayed around just to watch and cool off a bit.

I just kept riding... it felt so good.

And finally I reached Luzern and turned around and came back.

In Luzern, there was a bikeing sign that said, "30 km to Sarnen."

I live beyond Sarnen, in Sachseln, so I doubled that as I rode to Luzern and back, and got 60 km... that is around 38 miles.

Not bad eh?

(considering when I went out, I wasn't intending to do anything)


caitie said...

That sounds like an awesome adventure. Well what did I do today? well I patched up a "weird/odd/embarrasing/awkward" thing with my friend. then I walked over to Yakima Fruit Market and handed them my application and had my interview then and there.and I should expect to get a call within the week. :) there. my adventure. the end. :P

love you.

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Super said...

Hey I'm going to Switzerland next year. How's clubbing there, and like what cam you do if you don't go to language camp?

Super said...

Oh I'm going on Rotary exchange as well, cheers.

Anonymous said...

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