Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Love Theme to Romeo and Juliet

Tonight I went to the piano recital of a fellow friend of mine.

It is quite interesting to go to those things, some of the people you would have never guessed played the piano were there playing, well, the piano.

One of which was the Elias. He is in my friend Nicole’s class.

Not only did he play beautifully… he almost made me cry. I don’t cry.

It wasn’t really his playing, as nice as it was, but the song he played.

The love theme to Romeo and Juliet, also known as, “A Time for Us.”

If you heard a couple bars, you would know it.

I don’t cry here (except when I have to buy toothbrushes)… but music always hits that one, um, thing in me. String? Note? Chord? It is music. That is what my family does, we make music.

So when he got up to that piano and started to play that song, I thought of my mom. She plays that song (and if she doesn’t, well, then, I was just being sentimental for nothing, although didn’t Sarah, Thomas, and Emily play it in the 9th grade???). And so the entire freakin’ song all I could do is focus on not crying, which was quite difficult.

How could I not miss my mom through that song?

It is one of those songs that can make you cry just the way it moves, even if it has no sentimental connotations for you.

Anyways… that was my evening.


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