Sunday, June 22, 2008


So…. Ellie came over today, and it was today that I realized how much I know this village… or that they know me.

It was time to wrap up our time together, so me and Ellie went to grab our bikes from the bike rack. As we left our destination we saw Christoph waiting to cross the bridge. So talked to him for a moment. We got on the bikes and then we saw three girls. I knew 2 of them but all three knew me. Ages? 8 to 10 years old.

Then we rode our bikes, going the long way by the school. “Maggie!” I turned to see Jana and Marion and 5 seconds later, Fabian as well. Ages? I am guessing 14 to 16 years old…

We arrived at the train station, I didn’t know anyone. But after Ellie got on the train, I went to the bike rack and realized I knew all of the people there. Judith. Stefanie. I was talking to them. Beat. And then there was Timon (Happy 18th Birthday Timon!). And Nicole. And then Maya came a minute later on her bike. There was one person I did not know, but she was with Nicole (21 or so years old, I know her from the kitchen in the school) so I went and met her as well. Her name is Cornelia. New Friend. As I was talking to them, Moritz went by on the bike. I drove Stefanie’s bike with her behind me. Moritz was going quite slow, so we caught up with him, rode a bit. Dropped off Stefanie. I said good bye to Moritz (doubt I will ever see him again…) and then walked home. And on the way home, 5 minute walk, from the 4th story of some appartments Tamara yelled out, “Maggie!”

So… in this short trip from the school, to home, to the train station… maybe 25 minute time span… I saw…

Three Girls Younger Who Knew Me
Fabian’s Friend
Cornelia (met her)

And that is in our little village… goodness… I feel more rooted here. Like I belong here. The people know me here. From 8 years, to 12, to 16, to 18, to 21… and I could talk to any of them. Goodness, this life is good. I think I will keep it forever and not leave this place. I feel loved here.

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