Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feet Of Holiness

My feet are weirding me out...

Anyways... today, I sit.

And *INTERJECTION* low and behold... I have some 2 weeks läft.

I wasn't going to do the countdown, but I hear it enought from my friends.


Anyways.... I have been thinking lately about... AGES!

Yeah. Time. Age. How freakin stupid it is.

We have birthdays, that is cool.

But what the age you are given is supposed to pertain to your personality and development.

I was talking to some other exchangers. We talked about first impressions (they are funny).

And for me... every single one had something to do with me being small, cute, and, "How old is that girl and where did she come from? Did we pick her up along the way?"

Haha.. I guess it didn't help that I was carrying around George.

Anyways... I have no problem with those impressions... it's what I give off and how I have been treated. Always the little one.

But then I laugh when I think, HA! I am 18 in some 3 months.


I don't look like it, or act like it... sometimes I think like it though.

Why are ages thrust upon us with ways we are supposed to be.

And why is just enjoying life sometimes consider juvinille?

Switzerland... you be awesome.

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