Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am coming to my countdown now... dang, it's pretty lame.

Let's see... last Saturday, I avoided filling up till I realized it was leer... oh dear. So I had to fill it up.

I ended up competing in my very first, and last Swiss Shooting Competition.


I was in the adult catagory as we wore crazy jackets, head bands with eye patches, and shot 22s at targets that moved in a motion that reminded me of starwars.

The jackets hold your arms riged so you can't move them... the eye patch lets you keep the other eye open.

Anyways, I am proud to say I competed and got 41 out of 50 points... not enough to win, but it was a start.

I went with my neighbor, Tamara, she is pretty ninajish...

Then I went to a car wash and helped with a bunch of little girls.

That was cool.

What I want for my last weeks is for life to be like always.. and I want to be with my Swiss friends.

So I loved the little kids and we rocked the world together...

And then I hung out with Maya and Eliane and we went to my house.

Then me and my host famliy went out to eat and my host dad orded 32 CHF Schnitzell... and I did too.. AH!

and the I walked to Elianes and we looked at baby photos of her and watched a bit of the match and I checked my email.

Well.. that is life.

It is full and joyful.

Normal and spiffy.

And I love it.

How can I leave this place? How? THIS IS MY HOME!

Sorry... just a little rant.

I mean, I love you guys, I love the USA, but a year is a long time in many aspects to get settled in... but then again too short in the sense that I have to leave already.

Yes, I am excited to see my friends again, but how can I say good bye to the people I have met here?


I love being able to just right my bike though Giswil, through the fields, the woods, across the brooke, by the church... just fresh air. Not too much traffic, maybe a few tractors, and I know soo many people in this small town. I can just hop on the bike and find a friend.

Life here is so carefree... like something from a book... something I don't feel like ever forgetting.

And then I will go back to America. Stress. Homework. Hills. Yellow Busses. School. All of the cliches...


I guess that is life.

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