Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Days


Rotary Meeting... or Christmas Dinner. Anyways. We hung out outside a bit. Talked in German a lot. Enjoyed, well, tried to enjoy Marronni (chestnuts).

Went inside and went insane with Jorge and Jessica... ahhaa, yeah.

Lots of pics.. lots.

We went home early cause it was 10:00, we had school the next day, and they still hadn`t even served the cheese!


It was Christmas Day in the school! Little did I know that it would be a happy happy day for me. Ok, I could have guessed. But never would I guess that I would get so many gifts! My school friends are soo good to me. I am so blessed.

One gift goes back to a "inside joke".. or handshake, involving whipped cream.

So I got a can of whipped cream.. and went to town.

My entire class got photos with it, mouths filled... and I even got my school principal :D I filled his mouth till it came out and onto the ground.. I didn`t get in trouble, thank goodness.

After school I went with Jessica to upload pics.. it was the last time I really got to hang out with her... sad. I am going to miss her so much. I only met her in August and poof, she is gone! I only get to see her once more.. and that is in the airport.

Well.. something happened that night, I have no idea what. I think I felt sick.

Oh yes!

Anita, my old host sister came over. And that was amazing. She came and we made Christmas music together. Well, it wasn`t the same as playing with, say, Mom, Dad, or Amanda... but it was quite quite nice.

Anyways.. I think that was my day.


I had it all planned out... Saren for Migros and then Luzern for Photos.. ahha, yeah right.

Jorge wanted to pick up his board in Engelberg (that is quite high up in the middle of no where).

Two hours?

Try four.

But it was none the less epic. I never got around to buying any of the gifts.. but that matters not.

Jorge, you be epic.

We went to Engelberg.. and from there, thîngs were interesting. We had no idea where to go.. Titlis Sport, yes, but where be that place? No one knows.

No laughing at the name "Titlis" it is the name of a mountain.. yes, I know you think it is funny...

Anyways... we finally found the place, got Jorge a free snowboard for the season (I love Rotary).. and headed down the mountain.

Got on the next train home.. walked up the hill for 15 minutes...

And settled down for a nice large portion of fondue with the family.

Sigh.. fondue is soo happy.

That night.. Jessica had a going away party.

Naturally, I went... to Giswil!

Giswil, what an awesome town.

Essentially it was a class party + a few exchange students.

At first, I was a complete dork and read a book.. until I was invited to play a drinking game...

(note.. with orange juice, I love orange juice.. we both love orange juice don`t we Jorge?)

And so yeah... that game was.. interesting? Involved laughing, noses, bending, left hands, and blowing cards... yeah.

It was so freakin smokey.. my hair now still smells like smoke, and I have washed it thoroughly in the shower for 5 minutes.. whoa is me. And yeah, my eyes were watering.

In Switzerland they have these fireworky thingys with no fire.. just toys.

So we got that.. and that was quite exciting. I got a noise maker.. and went insane with it.

Then Ramiro and Matthias came.. and they are happy people.

11:06.. time to go home, last train.

Went home.. and slept. Oh ho how lovely.


No church.. what to do?

Familie Bucher is amazing... like a family to me and I could not get through the year without them and Eveline. Defiantly not.

So they had me and Eveline over and that made me super happy.

We had an amazing breakfast lunch thing.. epic. With eggs, bacon, beans, cheese stars, eggs, and even butter shaped like a sheep!

After that.. (here comes my favourite part) we made music.. cause music makes everyone happy.

There were three of us playing. Me on the cello, Emmanuel on guitar, and Eveline on piano.

And I think it sounded nice.

And everyone sang....

And did I mention I was super happy? Very happy.

Not sad.
Not sad.
Not sad.

After that we read a wonderful Christian story and then talked about it, reflected on it.. had a discussion (in English) and that was refreshing.

We prayed! Together!

And talked some more.

Went for a beautiful amazingly amazing walk... wow! Frost is on everything.. it looks like a dream. Like magic.. but what can I say? It`s Switzerland.

Came home... and... my host family, we decorated the Christmas Tree!

We have one of those trees without a single child made ornament.. all was gold and silver and light. It is quite pretty though.

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