Friday, December 7, 2007

Moving On

What is with me and getting sick as I have to pack?

Remember back in August? The 2nd? My Dad`s birthday. Anyways... I had strep and a temperature. Click Here.

Well... tomarrow I leave at 10:30 in the morning to go to family Wigger.

And I am sick.

Today, I woke up miserable. But I was absent last Friday so I figured it was time to get myself to school. My principal personally checks on me when I am absent. I think he thinks that I was in Luzern or something.. but I was in bed. Grr. Anyways.

The first half of the day was, as my favourite man would say, crap. I was dizzy, headache, runny nose, sneezing, sleeping, coughing. But I could walk! Thank goodness my host mom drove me to school and back.

I decided it wasn`t worth it to go back to school in the afternoon. My classmates had been telling me that I ought to be home in bed.

Anyways... my last lunch with family Hinter? Quite nice. Some sort of cheese and egg thingy... not sure exactly. They call it cheesecake, but that is just a direct translation.

I stayed home and didn`t get out of bed till we ate fondue at 6:30.

5 and a half hours of sleeping and resting... while listening to Harry Potter (the 7th) book on tape which I have on my iPod. Every time I am sick, I listen to that and I normally get well rested and end of sleeping. But it keeps me from being on computer or reading or mucking around.

My last dinner was super! I felt horrible... but it was ok. We had fondue!

It wasn`t really eventful... but I enjoyed it. Just realizing how I have finally come to fit into this family. Not perfect fit.. but I will, honestly, miss them. I gave them all their gifts from Seattle and they acted perfectly. They made me feel good. Haha, yeah. I wasn`t sure if they would like them, but they all gave me hugs.. and Philipp even shook my hand! (I gave him a CD of music from Seattle like Jimmy Hendrix, Foo Fighters, and even, yes, Blake Lewis)

After dinner Philipp brought down his CD player and sang for all of us.. it was amusing. That kid really is amazing. He had to sing because he dropped his bread in the fondue pot. Hehe. Sometimes you have to drink a glass of white wine for that, but with the Hinters, not so. So Philipp went all out.

I have been packing now for around two hours and am pretty much finished. I realized I have too much stuff. Can`t wait to send some home in January.

But I have been blessed. God put me in the right place. And I belive that my next home can be just as good... with God by my side. I`m trusting him. And if it doesn`t go well, well, I can just learn to depend on God more and I know that I have people here and back home that will help me go through this.

Thank you for your encouragement!

Photos from Samichlaus Tag are here:

On yet another note... Christmas is coming and I have a new address!

I have been told that Christmas can really be the worst time of the year for any exchange student... THE WORST! And I know I can get through this! But would love encouragement from you guys... it means sooo much to me. And it only takes some 5 minutes to make my day... and 90 cents. And if you can`t pay that, go see my parents.

Margaret Hubert c/o Familie Wigger


6072 Sachseln


That is it! So simple eh?

I feel horrible begging... but I will write back to you! What can I say? I am a pathetic exchange student and love getting stuff in the mail. I tend to carry around postcards with me wherever I go and read them over and over and over... haha, so desperate.


Enjoy the weekend!

Pray for me!! That is the best thing you could ever do!

By this time tommorow, I will be living with a new family.

I love you all!

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