Sunday, December 16, 2007

Skiing: The Three Day Adventure

Yes, it is true. I can ski now.

Literally ski.

Beautfiul isn`t it?

Well, I thought so.

So how was my weekend? Details Maggie, details!

We went up to the Frutt (yes, like the food, Fruit, pronouced the same same way) where my host family has a vacation house. It is an amazing little snowy area and perfect for skiing.. so I am told. And after my experience there, I would have to agree.

To get up there you need a some 25 minute car ride and then 20 minutes up the mountain with a bahn (lift sort of thing). So when you get up there, no cars!

There. Our house is in that group of houses.

I slep in the same room as Gina, it has four bunk beds.. whoo hoo?

Let`s see.. sleeping at a high altitude is tough. I thought it was just me. The next morning they asked how I had slept. My automatic responses was, "Gut." and then they commented on how lots of people have trouble sleeping so high.. and then I admited that I was awake many times during the night.

The next day we were up and going at 9:00. Breakfast was normal.. and then time to put on all the ski gear.

I am soo blessed in Switzerland. So blessed. I haven`t had to spend a cent this year for skiing. My host family surprised me and for Christmas bought me a ski pass! Oh my goodnesss! Those things are, well, not cheap. And I was so greatful. They hoped that I would like skiing (thank goodness I did). And my old host family took care of the clothes and acutal ski aspect. I guess they rented skiis for me! And they are orange and new and perfect. And I love them. Hhehe. My jacket from home works quite well with everything so I am good to go.


I think the hardest part of skiing for me is putting on the skiis themself. But I finally got it done. We live sort of on a slope. So after I had my stuff on, they told me to go. Just go. And I was thinking.. er.. I have no idea what to do. So I moved forward and BANG I went down (the hill). And didn`t fall.

No falling for Maggie!

And walking.. that is also a challenge. I was sooo slow at first. I think I still am slow, but oh well. I am Maggie!

I started with a tiny hill.. you hold a rope to go up the hill. Up and up. It is slow.

And I went down the hill.. no falling.

Next? I learned to stop. Well, they tried to teach me to stop, I still need to work on that.

Within an hour I had gone down several times stopping and learned to curve and so forth.

No falling. (haha, can you tell I am proud of that)

Finally.. the big hill! The BIRD HILL!!! AHH!

It was quite, big and, um, steep.

It is for beginners.. but it honestly is quite large and big for a person like me.

To go up you have to sort of sit on a upside down "T". One person on each side. It is quite lovely. I went up with my host dad.

OH! One thing. I am so blessed. BOTH of my parents used to be ski instructors so they knew just just just how to teach me.

We went up and up and up the mountain hill thingy... and then we were at the top.

I forget exactly what happened... but I started to go down.. really fast. Just straight down. Haha.. that was amusing. I couldn`t stop or anything I was going so fast. Finally, I saw that the super duper steep part was coming and I needed to stop, so I made my self fall. My first time down the hill and I just went for it straight down.

I fell.

BANG.. and I was shaking after that, but ok. Cause it was cool!

I love hearing my host family tell that story to other people. It always makes us laugh going back to the time when Maggie went down the hill for the first time.


After that, we took is slowly.

Within 2 hours I could say that I was able to ski.. cause I could!

I could go down the hill making only a couple of stops and making "S"`s the entire way. When you do it all curvey, you go slower.

Ok... they told me that I learned fast.. and I think I did. Who knows? But I can say that I did not find it hard at all. Yes sir, I sound conceited. Sorry. But it came to me quite quickly. You just sort of... go.

But the good thing is that I enjoyed it! So that ski pass will not go to waste.


Never before have I actually had to do anything when sledding. I started to worry though when they told me I needed my helmet.

And I needed to steer.

We went down the entire mountain.. it was like a dream!

It is this really nice path with lots and lots of swerves and so forth.. all down hill.

It was all through the snowy woods.

And as we came around the corner, we could look down to the valley which was a sea of fog.. and the sun set behind it. Like I said, it was a dream!

And so for 35 minutes, it was just pure bliss going down hill.. but it was kind of freaky at times.

And the beauty of it? You take the bahn back up. The lift. So I didn`t have to walk up hill once with my sled.

It was a sledders dream. 35 minutes down hill and no long walk back up. We went down the entire big mountain thingy...

Host Family

I really really am enjoying my host family. Family Hinter was wonderful and no complaints there. But I feel like I really fit with this family. I love it when my host dad tells people I am his daughter. I love laughing all the time with my host sister. It just works! I don`t know how to explain it. But skiing with my host mom and seeing her smiling when I get something right. They are just amazing. And I have no complaints or issues. Well, it is only the first week. But still... I feel more like a sister with Gina than before. I mean, before was amazing! But here it is more sister like. You just have to trust me or try to understand.. haha, yeah.

And I met my host cousin. Gina, him (John Lukas.. spelling?), and I all hung out last night after we went out to a restaurant. Just a easy going night. It is nice having a cousin again.

Next Day

In short.. after a couple hours I was able to go down the entire slope without stopping once.. just going going going.

I was sooooo happy... ahah, yeah.

And Jorge came up too! So I got to see him. First it was through my house`s window. Natasha was teaching him how to snowboard.

And I saw a guy from my school. It is cool to be able to walk in some random place and see a face you know... even if it is hiden behind a bunch of snow gear.


That is my weekend in short!

I am so happy.. happy I can ski now and happy with my host family.

I feel like I belong.



HELLO roosterruler, this is dothedeerdance from CS :) i am reading your blog and i LOVE it and switzerland sounds LIKE A DREAM and if i decide to send in my application, switzerland will be number two of my countries :)

keep having fun and posting the snazziest blogs :D

from amy in New Zealand

GINA said...


du bist die beste schwester!
soo "härzig" was du geschrieben hast..