Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Host Family: Update

Family Wigger.

How is it going so far?

Honestly... wonderfully.

Yes, I know that it always seems amazing at the beginning. So I can only pray it goes well this long... but it seems like I will have a wonderful three months here.

Anyways, I arrived to see my new bedroom... I love it! It is adorable.. haha, yeah. It has an amoire thingy and the colours are sweet.

I will get pictures up as soon as possible!

What have I done since I moved in?
  • Unpacked. Thank goodness they gave me lots of space for all 2 suitcases and three large bags full of stuff... plus my cello.
  • Cello Concert. My first one here. Quite.. happy.
  • Ate Dinner. Bread and cheese and butter as usual.
  • Listened to Harry Potter (the 7th) book on tape
  • Watched TV with the HostFolks. I heard Wicked outside of my bedroom and sprinted out to see Wicked (the German Version!!!) on TV! I was wearing my Wicked shirt and had fun telling them that my shirt was what was on TV. Later on the show there was a kid who could identify any of 60 different golf ball brands with his mouth! It was weird. And then a guy who could identify any of his 18 cows by name by just hearing them eat apples. Later, Mika came on the show. I think I found a new favourite TV show that is worth my time. Mimi the cat came and sat on my lap for much of that time and made my lap warm.. she is sweet, but bites.
  • Ate breakfast. I was not alone though. Half my family, well, the animal half, was there the entire time just watching me eat. Kind of weird honestly. I tried to tell them to go away, but they speak better German than I. So I ate standing up at the kitchen bar sort of thing that isnt a bar.
  • Went to church.
  • Made Christmas cookies with my host mom! The Swiss go ALL out for Christmas cookies. On THIS weekend, all the moms in Switzerland get baking with not just one kind, but who knows how many types of cookies. So far it is the middle of the day and my host mom has made some 3 or 4 different types. I loved helping her bake! It felt happy.
  • Watched skiing on TV with Gina.
  • Read Globbi with Gina.
  • Discussed photography with my host mom and looked at her work.

I really feel like I will have a good time here... once I get the computer to read my camera`s memory card. Anyways, it is like a warm house. Home. Not house, home. Much better word.

Who knows what could happen in the next 3 months? But they only speak German to me.. so that`s good. And it seems like they really all work together and so forth.

Naturally I am still praying over everything, but I think God has blessed me once again with a great host family.

About the Wiggers:

  • Two parents and a 15 or 16 or so year old daugther named Gina.
  • Two (sweeeeet) Dogs: Barsa and Arif (not sure about the spellings)
  • One Cat: Mimi (she has only 3 legs)

Haha.. yeah. So thank you all who have already prayed for me! I know that God`s hand really was in the picking of my host families. I feel so blessed.

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