Thursday, August 2, 2007


It was only two days before the party... well, it was still night.

Sunday/Monday Night.

I wolk up in the RV in the backyard at around 4:00 and felt horrible. Walked in the house, and pretty much collapsed in the front room armchair. Not collapse collapse... I just fell asleep.

I wolk up and felt absolutely awful.

Temps up to 103.1 degrees F.

Soar Throat
Head Ache
Stomach Ache
Sore Muscles
Excessively Tired
Boiling Hot
Freezing Cold
The Works

Anyways, God really is cool, I had to go to the doctor for various problems I had (what can I say? I'm a problem child) and so I got diagonosed the day of my party.

[s t r e p t h r o a t]

Awful diagnoses.

But luckily, I got on antibiotics and was feeling better.


Anonymous said...
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Caiite said...

I go to post a comment and i am confused..i see how it says "1 comment" but there is no comment...

Anywyas I am glad you are better now. I need to tell you a funny story involves me, my sister and my cousin when we were little. Three of those stories involve throw up, on involves throw up with a plastic doll...toodles!

that was a happy comment huh?