Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank You God

Well.. if any of you went to church with me in the States, you may remember me praying for a church family in Switzerland.

I got here, and all my host family could find was Protestant of Catholic... I could have done either, but wasn`t excited.

I mean, they`re ok... but so different from America.

If you read my last blog, it mentioned running into a girl named Evelin at the party last night. And somehow I got invited to her church.

It is Free Evangelical something.. um, Church. The initials are FEG.

You can read their core beliefs here.

To me, it seems to line up with what we believe.

So I decided to go today.. even with only some 6 hours of sleep. It was definitly worth it.

We biked to Sarnen and met Evelin.

Then we walked to the church.... they don`t own their own building.

There were little kids dressed up in bed sheets and in a room that had been transformed into a tent with sheets draped from the ceiling and mats on the floor. I liked the church already.

It`s a lot more mellow than CCB... calm. I dunno.

I miss CCB... but this church is great and a blessing to have this next year.

Eveline said she went to a church in Minnisota for a year on her exchange and so she is new to this church. She understands what church for me was like... which I really appreciated. She even wore a ring for the True Love Waits movement... just like me! I thank God that we found her last night.

The church sang songs... including, Amazing Love.

The sermon was good... from what I can tell. I brought my English Bible and Anita translated a short part.

The general message today was about how we need to be a player, not just a fan up in the stands.

I couldn`t understand really anything...

But from what I was told.. it seems to line up with what we believe and they do use scripture from the Bible.

Hehe... I am soooo happy.

I heard of a youth group and asked Eveline about it. She`s new to the church so she didn`t know and hadn`t really been to it yet. So we went to ask someone and found the pastor. He offered to pick me up and drive me there! But then we realized that the church had two youth groups... one at their daughter church and one in Sarnen, so I can bike to it.

I enjoy this church already and can`t wait to meet more people. God really did have a plan for me when I came here. He knew which family I should be with and that I would meet her at the party last night. Maybe he has another church in store... but for now, this seems perfect.

They said that this is one of the few churches that isn`t governmentally funded in the area.. and so it`s pretty small. The rest of the churches get money from the government. Anyways, I wouldn`t have found this church without him.

This Friday, I go to youth group!

Nine thirty and F - E - G!


The Mom Unit said...

Yeah, Maggie found a church. I think an EV Free church would be great. Your dad and George did a youth retreat years ago at an EV Free Camp and they were great people. There's a little tiny church near the Derke's, and that's an EV Free Church, I think. Remember that little church? Anyway, I'm VERY happy for you.

timidgun said...

Freien Evangelischen Gemeinde is Free Evangelical Community.

Does Obwalden canton allow foreigners to shoot? You might get some interesting trigger time.

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