Sunday, August 19, 2007

Um.. Party?

Well... I could just keep this short.

But the real culture shock came last night... I went to my first party.

I had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought it was going to be at someones house and maybe 50 people or so.





We left the house at 9:30 to arrive around 10:00 at the party... and it was huge. Well, I thought it was huge.

[before it got too crowded]

They took a school and put up gates around it. Within the gates are different areas where different things are. Such as dancing, heavy beat music, and yodeling.


Over in one corner, there was a live band with accordians and yodeling.

In that one section, there were adults... but everywhere else were teens pretty much.

The Swiss (think they) know how to party.

This is the abridged version of tonight... as this is open for the whole world to see.
I was good the entire night. I was offered alcohol and ciggaretes (however you spell that) and said no to every offer. When I danced, I danced the salsa...

Anyways, it was very confusing.

[early in the night]

First you pay and you get a wrist band. There were security officers everywhere... I`m not entirely sure what they were doing.

We found some of Anita`s friends and hung out for a while. Well... that was the entire night.

I met a lot of people...


Then we found Jessica from South Africa and her friend Kiera (or something like that) from England. And we pretty much were with them the rest of the night.


I`m not sure how to describe the enviroment. There are people everywhere. You keep getting run into.

[imagine this.. but all over]

(lots of descriptions were here)

So many people.

I felt kind of tense in the enviroment. I didn`t know what was going to happen next.

I am starting to reconize people now and them me. And that makes me quite happy.


We went to the dancing room.

So many people.

With every step you take, you bump into some 5 others.

I don`t get the concept of getting drunk and why anyone would want to do it.

Anita left to go to the bathroom.

I lost her.

She lost me.

I had Jessica and Kiera... but no Anita. And I needed to get home soon. It was 1:45.


I stood alone surrounded by *insert adjective here* teens.

People ran into me.

I didn`t know where Anita was.

I just stood there, taking it in.

I really did enjoy myself that night and had a good time.. it was just different.

I wasn`t in my element.


Luckily I found Michelle.

Michelle is a really sweet girl who I had met earlier today... and everytime I see her she smiles. Hehe, I like that. I ran into her a couple times that night.

I asked her if she had Anita`s cell number.

She did.

I made contact with Anita.

But what`s cool is God can work in any situation... any situation at all... even a crazy party.

As we waited for the shuttle bus home, we ran into Evelin. Anita and Evelin.

I pull out my iPod and listen to Chris Rice...

Then the bus came.

It`s really a van that feels like a jail car.

Everyone crams in.

So many people.

And we talked to Evelin.

People always look at us weird when we speak English.

And somehow church came up.

And somehow, I don`t even know how, we got to which church she goes to.

And she invited me.

And I was so excited to go the next day, today.

It wasn`t Catholic or Protestant.

She had gone to church in America for a year, and she said it was more like the churches in America.

And I am so greatful to God.

There were 100`s of teens there that night... but God let it be that me and Anita would seperate so we would leave 45 minutes later than planned just to run into Evelin.

Evelin is one of the sweetest girls I have met here. Really, I wish you all could meet her.

God has a plan.

And even at a party... he can provide what I have been craving so much. A good church family.

I love how he works.
(Side note to any Rotarian who might read this: I didn`t break a D or come to close to doing so. I was safe at all times as there were many adults everywhere that I could have gone to. I wasn`t in danger... yay for life. I start school tomarrow)

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