Saturday, August 4, 2007

Packing - the Adventure Continues

I'm still packing away.

I think yesterday, I would've said that I hated it... but you know, it's a lot more fun when you have friends doing it with you.

Last night, Sarah came over and we worked on it.

I really will miss that girl.

She helped me get my grounds, see where I was at.... and take me out to see Harry Potter!

Then we came home, watched Johnny English with Rowan Atkins, and went to bed.

[btw - Rowan Atkins is an aboslute genius...]

-Next Day-

Where would I be without that girl?


She came over at 9:55 AM and we packed until, eh, 4:00.

Wonderful times.

She's one of the most excellent packers and helped me narrow down my clothes selection, pack so much stuff more tightly than I thought possible, and reason between neccsessities and that which can be left behind.

Hehe.. it was even enjoyable.

In the middle we headed to the mall to buy gloves and a few other items.. including one epic sweater.

Yep. Then we split a Cold Stone cup of Sweet Milk with Heath crushed in.

And came home and packed some more.

In packing, it was pretty crazy. First, the "gift and non-clothing" suitcase, it was over the weight limit per suitcase for 50 lbs when we weighed it in at 71 lbs. The clothes case we then packed and got it to 30 or so lbs.

Whatever shall we do?

So we did a whole lot of shifting from suitcase to suitcase... it was crazy. And boy those things are heavy! Gah!

But it was fun.. lots of music.

[Queen and country safe and sound with villians six feet underground]

And she made me toast and tea and gave me a bananannananana.

[So chrasimatic, with an a automatic]

Really? Only two full days left? I'm am so excited.. haha, you have no idea. It's like.. um... a room of orange balloons!

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Jesse said...

Wow. That was a lot of pictures.

Enjoyable, though. It sounds like things are at least manageable.

I had a conversation about you today...