Thursday, August 9, 2007

Whoot for Life!!

I have now been in Switzerland for more than 24 hours and I`m loving it.

The most important aspect and way to analyze a city is by their food… and it`s pretty different but still quite good.

With every meal I have Nestle Nesquick in my milk.. not that I need any thing in the milk… it`s so rich and really good.

This morning I woke up early and so I had lots of time to just hang out… I do a lot of that, hanging out. And I take a nap each day while I recover from jet lag. I don`t even mean to sleep… it just happens. And eventually I wake up. Yesterday I went to sleep and when I woke up, I thought it was the next day… but really it was still the 8th. I guess we`re usually a day ahead of all of you loverly Americans.

For breakfast, we all eat together. To prepare for it, my hostmother and I went to the local backeri (bakery) and metzgeri (butchers) and picked up some fresh bread and meat… brilliant if you ask me. I really enjoy the fresh bread. It`s a bit hard to eat at the edges… but still better than American bread… except for my grossmuter (grandmother)… she makes amazing bread.

Since I`ve been here it has been very very rainy. In fact, Switzerland is getting flooded. Our little Lake Sarnen`s water is rising and rising and some people`s homes are getting flooded and it`s all over the news. It`s prettz bad in Bern and other places as well. I`ll post pictures as soon as I can.

But while you wait for the pictures, I`ll try and paint a picture in your mind. In front of me is a window. And out the window, I can see amazing rolling hills all covered in lush green grass… nothing is dead, all is alive. And the hills are spotted with little houses.. think of Leavenworth… but this is the real deal! And there are plentz of trees spotting the hill and some are bunched together. I can see the occasional train go by.

Our house is very modern. My host vater is a painter and so everything looks sharp. There are natural light wood floors most places and lots of windows. In the living room there is a sleek set of leather couches and a slim reclining chair. I guess the house is 8 years old… but I never would have guess that. The lights are off most of the time because we have so many windows.

It’s very peaceful.

Today we went to Lucerne; it’s a pretty short drive there. Meine Hostmuter kauften clothes… rot und scheis (Black?). It was all cobblestone and looked like a picture book… except for lots of people smoke.

And… this is totally the mullet capital of the world… I`ve never seen so many mullets!! I saw 5 group of guys together… all with mullets, well, I guess cultures are different and there are still plenty of people without them. But these are the full blown real deal mullets. Tasha, I think of you every time I see one and I``ve started to count. I`m up to 15 now.

I have few books and not much to do so far… I can`t say I`m bored yet… but I journal a lot and read the books I have. I`m not on the computer much on purpose. I can spend hours just looking out the windows… they tell me that the view is a lot better when the weather clears up.

For lunch, everyone eats together… even my host father comes home for lunch. Lunch is the big meal of the day and dinner is small, such as meats, cheeses, and fresh bread. For lunch today we had some pasta with a brown creamy sauce and chicken… along with canned beans (not frozen) and round little carrot balls. There is plenty of chocolate to eat and I like to eat yoghurt for a snack.

My German is coming along… I’m starting to form sentences and try my best to incorporate the German I know into my new Swiss lifestyle.

Feel free to write to me (physical letter) and chances are you’ll get a snazzy Swiss letter in return… or at least a postcard.

My address is:
Margaret HubertBirkenweg 216072 Sachseln

And don’t forget that postage is a lot more to send a letter here.

I find a lot of comfort and spend time reading the word. I think that coming here is good… I`m realizing how much I`ve been missing out by not reading it as often. God has given me verses… I just open up and see what he has to say to me.

I`ll keep you guys posted,

Feel free to comment,

Talk to you later,


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The Mom Unit said...

You will be spoiled when you come back home and will expect me to buy you fresh bread every day for breakfast and lunch -- or expect me to make bread! It sounds like you are off to a good start. Is the way you wrote the address really the way it should be? Or is it the way we previously thought? I'm making crockpot beef stew today and planning on sewing a jacket this afternoon. Ian is sleeping (it's 11:47 a.m.). He must have been up late last night. Glad your German is coming along!!!! Love you bunches and bunches, Mom