Friday, August 17, 2007

Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix


Harry Potter in German is.. um.. interesting.

Today, Anita, Philipp, and I went to some town right right right next to Luzern... and we went to go see Harry Potter.

They got me my tickets... which would have been around 13 in American Dollars. Anyways, they had gift certificates. How lovely eh? I was greatful.

And we watched the movie.

And I laughed so much... because of the voices.

You see, they have to do voice overs of course because people here want it in their native language.

Harry`s voice is high high high.. well, I thought so. I dunno, I like the British voice ten times better. This voice just didn`t fit. It sounded to young. Like he was a girlish boy or something. Well... I might be exagerating a wee bit too much... but it wasn`t of my liking.

Hermione sounded like a pretty small kid.. .or at least someone like me. Not the character she is. Not knowing. Just to high.

But Kingsly Shaklebolt was good.

I dunno... wants you know the voices, it`s hard to hear them any other way. I guess Ron was ok... he was a bit more deep. I liked this Cho`s voice better personally.

And they said "super" a lot - just like they do in the language. Super. Super Super.

But I enjoyed it quite a bit... yep.

OOH.. and they have an intermission in the middle where you can go and buy popcorn. It was pretty nice... I guess.




caitie said...

13 dollars eh?

It's getting to be that much far just 9 dollars but soon...yuck.

well the movie sounds fun.glad you enjoyed it!

Hilary said...

gosh, that is so expensive for a movie ticket!
yeah, English movies German are weird. I was watching a couple clips of the German-dubbed High School Musical off youtube, and all I could think of was how high their voices where!

Hilary said...

ehh I meant *english DUBBED german in the first sentence.
sorry about that