Monday, August 13, 2007

My Hardcore Host Brother

My host brother is Philipp. And I can write about him here, and I don`t care if he finds it. All I haveis complements.. and that which is negative I keep to myself. Anyways, he does`t speak English. But the rule for myself is always assume that the person is going to read.. and understand, what you write about them.

Anyways, Philipp is hardcore.. definitly.

For the past two days he has dressed up as a ninja and always has ninja stars in a pouch around his waist and a belt on his leg with plastic knives in it.

I`ll be reading or just sitting and all of a suddent he`ll pull a knife up to my neck.. kind of freaky.

And just a few minutes ago, he was chasing me with a metal pole.

Gah - will I survive this year?


And today, I walk in the room and he`s wearing some crazy cool mask and just surfing the web like that.

He came into my room, and I played for him Skillet... he loves it!

He was rocking out and dancing and lipsynching into a pole... hehe. You ought to have been there.

Then I hid under a tisch.. I have to feign dead quite often.

And I told him, "Meine musik ist Christlich."

And he didn`t belive me at first.

"Vas?!!? Ist... Christlich?"

And I was like, yes, it`s Christian...

Here in Switzerland, for Christian music, they mainly only have hymns. So when I told them we had drums and guitars and keyboard for church, they were surprised. No clapping at their churches. Yeah.. I`m definitly going to expose them to Christian music while I`m here.

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caitie said...

Yeah! go Maggie!

When I read this I was like! YEAHHH!!!!

Good job...I think that you will survive....Maybe show him SBFP....ask Ian to do