Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here I Am

Well, there is so much I guess I coul write about... but I`m not used to this computer.

The flight over here was long but loverlz.. zep. I mean, loverly, yep.

With only a bit of time, I`ll juâr tell you that my family is absolutely wonderful and I`m looking forward to getting to know them.

The wether is just like Seattle... right now there is a thunderstorm... it is so loud and I can see the flashes of lightening out over the lake.

Yes, I cann see beautiful hills and the lake from mz bed room... our house is amazing and very modern. Yep.

Me and Philip already watched Narutu or some other TV show.

And I`m starting to learn German right away.

I took a nap on accident... I was so tired.

I laid down and woke up and didnät know what time it was.

And I thought it was tomarrow... but now I know I onlz slept a couple hours.

Please excuse me if I donät reply to your messages and so forth... I`m enjozing life.

And thanks to all of zou who prayed for me.



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