Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Fleet of Postkarten


I just sent out some 7 letters and postkarten today... I wonder who they could be for?

But I lack a lot of addresses. I..m not going to beg you for your address... it..s only so YOU can get some mail, but I would appreciate getting some more addressess.

Do not assume I have your address! I have a few from church... but it doesn..t hurt to send me yours... right?

It costs me around 3 American dollars to send each of you a postcard..... so a response would be nice. I can..t make you write back. But it wold definitly make my day. Even just a postcard saying "Hey Maggie.. you are orange."

Postcards are good, I put them on my wall.

Letters are good, I put them in a book.

Margaret Hubert
Birkenweg 21
6072 Sachseln

With the postage normally coming to .90 cents for a normal letter or postcard.

So send me your address.... now.
(And your birthday toooo :P)



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