Friday, August 31, 2007

My Pitiful Foot Adventure... Gotta Love Them Ankles.. and X-Rays

Well, Mom, Dad, glad we have that emergency fund.

And... nothing serious has happened.

Many of you might know already, well, maybe not, but anyways, I have a weak ankle . my right one.

And before I left for here, I had just twisted it some 3 weeks before. Something that made it get bigger for a long time.

I was walking, um, to a speacial place :P and we were talking. I could go into details. But let`s just say I had a person on my back, stepped wrong, and it felt very wrong.

It hurt worse than normal.. well, it always hurts. And within minutes it was really swollen.


And so we walked around, still, for a while.

Sergio and Kyly were epic and carried me a bit.. they can be my heroes now.

We went to a restaurant for a small lemony drink... well, so I could rest my foot. I got some ice for my foot.

And I had to hobble around dear old Luzern for a while and back to the bahnhof (train station).

I called Brigette to pick me up, but we had some confussion so I ended up having to walk a ways to Ruedi`s work.

And right away Brigette took me to the doctor... although I`m not sure I needed to.

And they did an xray... and of course it wasn`t broken.

But I got cremè and pills and stuff.. they really work well... I guess, at taking away the pain.

And the next day, poof, I was on crutches. Gah. I should have used them longer then I did. But my arms got tired.

And that was on, um, Monday I hurt myself.

Today, I finally walked to the bahnhoff this week, I felt a bit better...

And today, during school, we were doing some random thing and I had to stand up to see and reach stuff. And, well, I wasn`t doing anything stupid.. have no idea how it happened, but GRRR it got retwisted.

And once again, it is bloated, bruised, and really really sore.

Goodness that is a bit annoying... I guess it`s back to the crutches for me.

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The Mom Unit said...

We also have insurance through the Rotary for there in Switzerland. Talk with your Rotary advisor over there and see what you can learn about that. I don't know how things work there, but perhaps your medical bill over there can be submitted and you can be reimbursed. ????? It's definitely worth looking into, and I'm sure glad your advisor would be glad to help you. Bummer about the ankle! Take care.