Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School... How Epic?

Today was my first day of school.

I woke up early.

And got dressed.

And walked to the train station with my host mother.

And we got on the train... and presto, there was no Jorge.

And he had taken the Fast train (like the 522 Express... it doesn`t stop at every stop)$

And we arrived.

And Jorge saw a dead kitten in Giswil.

And all of the exchangers met.

And we went for a walk with our teacher.

And we went to the school house.. it`s kinda freaky looking.

And we went into the basement.

And we took a test.

And we were divided into groups.

And we laughed when the Canadian said "Pasta."

And we learned stuff that I learned from the book already.

And we had a break... and that was fun.

And we learned more stuff I knew from the book.

And we had lunch... and that was fun.

And we learned the names of office supplies.

And we filled out a survey.

And we sang the alphabet.

And we said good bye.

And we divided into two groups... those who spoke Spanish and those English.... it wasn`t organized by the school. This was after school. And we went to hang out. And I was with the Espanol group because I was sticking with Jorge because we go home on the same train. And anyways.. they spoke Spanish.

And we searched for a vending machine with lighters.

And we looked for Migros... and they asked every single person on the street where Migros was.

And we wandered around Luzern.

And there were stupid swans.

And we walked.

And we got on some bus... because a girl said it took us to Migros. And it might of... but I got off... because I didn`t feel like getting on some random bus without being sure. And Jorge came with me.

And we checked when our train came.

And we went to Starbucks.

And it was raining hard as we walked there.

And it smelled absolutely awful as we walked there.

And we ordered our drinks... my bill came to around 10 American Dollars... sigh.

And we drank at some table.

And we stopped by a book stop and I got a little ABC book.

And we rode home...and practiced our German and listened to various genres of music.

And I got off the train.

And it was raining really hard.

And I walked home in the rain.

And I liked it.

And I came home.

And there was a letter from my mom which made me absolutely happy!

And I hung out in my room all day listening to Harry Potter.

And I studied German.

And I worked on my agenda.

And I cleaned my room... as always.

And I ate dinner.

And I did more HP.

And me and my sister danced for 30 minutes... cause we`re cool like that.

And now I am here.

The End.

It actually was grand. I really enjoyed meeting and laughing with new people. But I feel like I ought to go to bed now... it is 9:45 or so.


Caitie said...

It did seem late to me...I'm still getting the hang of it.

Well that sounds absolutly lovely! (did you get to practice your magnificent spanish skills too?)

It sounds like a blast. Today I got up early. Took the 121 to Bothell and swam. That was fun. No swans though. I need a cool swim cap. I just have a boring blue one.

Well love is going all the way out to you. WAY!

I hope my letter gets to you soon!



The Mom Unit said...

When you come back home, do you think you can clean your room here as much as you do over there? Got your post card today. Thanks! Go to and you can find sermons....or I can send you one. I'll ask Dad about the other stuff you requested.

The weather is so cloudy and cool that we are able to have roast beef tonight. Monet says hi, and Mozart sends her hisses.