Sunday, August 5, 2007

Romen Party - Chya!

-I Love Top Ramen-

[and I normally only eat it with Jenny]

After church today, me and the above folks realized that something monumental needed to happen today.

Various ideas ran through our heads... but one was clear.

I am Maggie.
I love Romen.

So... a dream come true! We had the most amazing meal.. ever!


We went over to Safeway and picked up 12 packages of that wonderful stuff.


We cooked up a ginormous vat... I like to add sesame oil and some spicy stuff to mine (cause Jenny taught me how to eat Romen real good... she's the chef master)

Of course... we also needed something more than Romen... I mean, it's amazing and great and wonderful... but you need substance.

So we also bought other stuff.. in all, we got:

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Caitie said...

I'm like...Romem? As in Rome?

i was a tad confused..then I was like...uhh...Ramen...I am kinda stupid!

Awesome day