Saturday, August 11, 2007

Question and Answer Time

People have asked me various questions... so why not answer them here for all to read? And some people said stuff I wanted to make comments too, so I`ll do that here too.

What else is good in switzerland? army knives, cheese, - Gabe

Yeah! There are lots of cheese... so much of it. Everywhere. And there are watches everywhere... and everyone is always wearing one.. except me. I feel out of the loop. And they sell the knives at plenty of places.. but most are awful tourist spots :P But oh well, I love them anyways.

Is there really an entire aisle of chocolate? - Ian

Yep! Lots of chocolate... and it`s in more than one place in the shop. Some up front, some in an aisle. And at some stores they have an entire corner of the store devoted to chocolate with a couple small half aisles and a wall covered in it.

And some of the chocolate is funny. Like my host mother is always offering me chocolate and I have a bowl of it in my room and two shelfs of it in the kitchen. And one type is called "Kitten Tongue".. and it`s shaped like a tongue. Kind weird if you ask me... but at least it tastes good.

So, when you come back, are you going to be shaking everyone's hands all the time? - Ian

Err... most likely... and the triple kiss thing is pretty intense. You say "hi", shake their hand, and do the whole kiss on the cheek thing three times.. it`s pretty crazy cool... but honestly, I find it awkward.

Oohh ohh i also thought the cart thing was pretty cool even tho if u dont have money u cant get a cart - Elisa

The money is nothing... well, only 1 CHF. So it might be like putting in a quarter... anyone can have a quarter. And in my family, we have a couple francs in the car at all times.

Why are all of your “y’s” replaced with “z’s” and “z’s” replaced with “y’s”? - Lexi

The Euro computer is differnt... and the Y`s are where the Z`s normally are here. And the apsotrophe and colon and everything is different... sometimes it`s easier just to type like I do in America.

Did you know any German before you left? - Lexi

Ein bissen. I knew a bit from a book they sent me. Apparently, I`m doing pretty well and I`m able to sort of communicate. Luckily, my family knows English and helps me out.

When do you start school? - Lexi

I start school on the 20th... but that`s just in our canton, Obwalden. The rest of Switzerland starts school this upcoming Monday. And when I start school, it will first be a special language school that I`ll have to take the bus to each day.

What is your family like? - Lexi

My family ist super! Well, it`s hard to put them into words... my host brother at least. They`re schnazzy people and I`m happy to spend the next four months with them.

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USA Dad said...

Your blog is really great. I feel like I'm seeing Switzerland through it. We haven't seen a picture of your computer area. Do you have a common computer for the whole family? Do they have unlimited internet access or do you have to pay for the amount you download and upload? Are there other letters on the computer keyboard that are different or swapped. I think that would be hard to get use to. I cleaned the studio and front room windows today. Maybe a bird will fly into them. Are there many red heads? Does anyone call you Margaret?