Monday, August 13, 2007

Still Blogging

I am now going to reflect on something they told us yesterday.

So I know the whole, "don`t talkt to people back home too much or you won`t be living the moment"

But then they addressed blogging back home. They said that this is our exchange and that we don`t have to share every moment with people back home. That we should save stuff.

And I whole heartedly agree.... I should save stuff... but this is my journal.

I have a journal here, but I just can`t get into it. And it takes so long to write everything down. So I realize that I`m telling you guy everything, but this is for me too... and that is why it is so long.

They also said that we would be missing out on life if we were always recording it. I disagree. When I blog is times when my whole family is watching TV or my sister is napping or something like that. I watch when I do and try to be careful. Usuallly I blog in the evenings.

Also, before I blog, I ask my mother if there is anything I can do to help. Any chores or jobs.

I guess this blog could just be a way of getting rid of some guilt that the Rotary put upon me :P

So despite what they told me... I will still continue to blog.

This is a record for me of my exchange, and who knows, maybe I`ll print it out somday.


cat said...

Maggie! Very smart answer! Very good. and maybe I will pay for you to print it out. In color too. That would be beautiful. I was thinking actually of doing that, but I thought that would be...weird. So I left that idea alone in July.

Love lots and mambo


The Mom Unit said...

I think you'll ease up on your blogging as time goes by. Right now your schedule has been a bit more open, but soon language school will start and then regular school will start and you will begin participating in outside activities, and your schedule will be much fuller. Glad you're continuing to have a good time.