Saturday, August 11, 2007

Soccer and Churchbells

My host mother and father are at a party... my brother is watching TV... so I have time for one more blog...

This is my journal, so I realize that you all probably don`t read it all... but I do a lot of this in place of writing by hand. Eh? Ja.

So we did end up taking our bicycles to Sarnen. It was an amazingly lovely trip. There were cobblestone roads, gravel, and pathed. And bicycle paths. And a snazzy park. The park was pretty flooded and we had to go through huge puddles a couple times. I think I want to go biking on Monday again.

When we got home, I had ice cream and my host dad was mowing the lawn. Anita washed her bike and Phillip was playing with the kids out front.

So I headed out to the front street and played with the two neighbor children for a good hour on scooters. Wow. It feels so good. I mean, I feel like I`m living a life out of a book. Cliche. We were scootering and playing tag and singing and speaking nonsense. And I feel easier speaking German with them... so I do. I just go for it and don`t even care if I speak it write. They sometimes help me. I feel bad though. They`re names are French and I can`t really pronounce them. But they know my name by now :P

"Maggie!" "Het!"

Het is what you shout out when you tag someone.

I wish I could convey how much fun I had then. We were just running around. And than we sat down on the cement... and made farting noises.. ahha, yeah. Oh so mature. But they think it`s hilarious.

But here, there`s a lot of family time. Me and Phillip played with a balloon for a good while outside in the yard. Then it popped on a cactus and we started to pretend to cry and burry it and comfort each other. Sigh. Good times. Thank goodness acting doesn`t always require words.

Then we made pizza since the parents are out. It was really good and after it me and Anita talked for almost an hour out in the yard.

Earlier today, we both we outside in lounge chairs reading. Her with some hard Swiss book and I was reading about Pingu the Penguin. And my host mother was like, "Ahh, how nice. Both my daughters reading together." And that made me smile. We do a lot of stuff outside.

Anyways, after chatting and pizza, we all played soccer in the backyard. I think that`s just snazzy. We`re all different ages, yet here they do that, play together. Hang out together. Do stuff together. I hear it`s not like this during the school year, but still. And our neighbors, this afternoon they all sat as a family together for two hours or so playing games and stuff. And we play games too. Me and Phillip like to play Uno and usually our mom or dad joins us.

The weather is so nice now... sometimes it`s hot, but usually just comfortable. And just staring out the window gives me hours of enjoyment... although I prefer to sit in the grass.

Here is a vid of the bells, you can hear them from my house:

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great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.