Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"I`m not a tourist, I`m a photographer."

Today was excellent.

I woke up at 7:00, out of the house by 8:00.

First stop was Gruyères... a castle in the French part of Switzerland.

It was amazing and beautiful.

The area is known for it`s gut cream and butter... so we got food and such. I guess my host parents always have coffee every afternoon. And we got crousants... but they were really hot and fresh out of the oven. Have you ever tasted those things that fresh?

It was amazing.

And for exactly and hour we wandered around the courtyards, not really in the castle because we didn`t have time. I bought four postkarten... one for me and three for other people. Who could they be for? Hmm... I already filled them out in the car.

Ooh! And yesterday in the mail I got three pieces of mail :P A letter from Sarah (she is loverly), Mom (she is grand and I miss hugging her), and the Immigration office with this passport visa thing I`m supposed to have at all times for a year.. yeah right.

Anyways, the car trips were long.. for Swiss standards. We went over the pass and around for 2 hours... sigh. But it was ok.

Then we arrived in Lausanne by Lake Geneva where the Hinter`s friends live.

They had a pool.

We had food.

They had two sons.

The food was good.

We went schwimmen.

I took a bajillion pictures of swimming folks and made a short slideshow to save room on this blog...

And yeah, it was a good day. I`m keeping this blog short as I am very tired.

Ich bin müde.

And on the way home we stopped at McDonalds.

And then we went home.

And on the way home, me and Philipp were ninjas. He helped me with German... and he reallly likes Christlich "rockmusik" as he calls it. He was surprised when he learned he was listening to Christian music. He still loves Skillet but I also exposed him to Toby Mac, Relient K, and Run Kid Run today.

Pics later.


The Mom Unit said...

So now we know it takes about a week for normal mail to get to you. I think I mailed that the day you left, or the day after....and sometimes postcards take longer than regular letters. I trust you showed them "our mountain". Seeing castles sounds great.

Tomorrow DeAnn P. and I are getting together for tea at Peach Tree Bakery. I'm looking forward to that.

Miss you.....hugging you..... Mom

caitie said...

Gruyeres? ( without the accentos)

Wow, one of my favourite cheeses of all time is called Gruyere chesses. And yes, it usually comes from Switzerland...yummy!! Wow...I am in such awe..I love that cheese the best. And here Ia m ranting about the cheese when you did not even mention cheese. What a geek I am.

Well i am happy, and burn't. so the two may not fit together. la la la love