Thursday, August 16, 2007

Snap Schnap Snap Snap


I broke my first D today, I`m sorry. But it was controlled and so I feel free to tell the whole world including the Rotarians back home and my grandparents.

Tonight we had a "picnic" with the Rotarians.

It was raining so so so so so hard... and the picnic was in a mystery location.

We met at Hotel Belvouir with empty picnic baskets and then the men filled them up while the ladies went to another room for small glasses of wine... or in my case, orange juice.

Then we got on a huge tall tour bus to go to a mystery location... which was just Giswil, only a 13 or so minute drive.

We drove into the woods and then hiked... it was amusing watching everyone hike with an umbrella.

So much for a picnic... it was really a house that was all schnazzed up and with soup and drinks... lots of drinks.

Seriously, if I had dranken all the alcohol they had offered me tonight, I would be soo wasted.

But instead, I had around 4 cups of mineral water.


"Nein danke."

I was also offered coffee... oh good, I thought, that`s good. And they brought me a huge bowl cup thingy filled with something that didn`t look like coffee. Then I was told it was alcohol.. err. So I gave it to the lady next to me. But she said I should try some. Just a bit.

So I had a bit.

Yay for Rotarians?

Did I like it?

Well... let`s just say I like Rivella more.

I could have dranken more... but it wasn`t something that I was absolutely in love with.

It was some sort of Swiss Schnaps... I guess.

I`m not going to claim to know what I drank or the level of alcohol. But I know it was some sort of Schnappppps.

I also said no to the whiskey...

So yes, I have now broken a D... if you want to get all technical.

Don`t worry... I don`t plan on drinking any more any time soon. And that amount was so tiny... compared to all the, er, happy adults around me. It`s a cultural thing. With my host mother and Rotarians.

Haha.. and all those drinking teens out there would think this pathetic. But honestly, I don`t feel like I`m missing out on life by not drinking. And I don`t plan to do much of it in my life in the future. Wouldn`t a headache and throwing up be a pretty clear message from your body that it doesn`t like something. Hey, that`s what happens when you get food poisening... seems like this could be on the same page. I think I`ll stick with Rivella.

What can I say? I`m Maggie. I don`t need an excuse.


cat said...

Well MAgs.

I am glad.

Why? because now you know

and how you feel about itis strong.

and YES

it is a cultural thing.

and you didn't mean to

so that is ok.



Abigail said...

hey, it's great to hear of a fellow outbound who's not all into getting drunk all the time. Way to be! gold star for you!

Abigail said...

oooh coloring books...I forgot about those. Yeah, that's an awesome Idea. I think I'll pick up a few. I know that I'm definitely going to get some disposable paperbacks. lol.