Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adventure to Youth Group for the First Time

God is so good.

Really, he is.

If you`ve been reading these blogs, you might have read about the lovely party adventure and how afterward I was invited to a church.

And how I went to church.... and then I decided to go to the youth group.

My host family and I went out for pizza... it was quite good. And I even ordered in German... hehehe. Anyways, the pizza had chicken, mushrooms, ham, garlic, and lots of cheesy goodness covering it. I must have smelled like garlic the rest of the night.

And then I ventured along by foot. Hark! Where could this church be?

I found it with ease.

And walked in.

And *interjection* knew no one. But that was ok. I found some random people and they told me where to go.

I walked into a comfortable sized room with couches and chairs and there were some 5 people in it.

Well... this is what exchange is about isn`t it? Just throwing yourself in and see if you float.

"Ich heisse Maggie. Ich komme aus America. Ich wohnne in Sachseln.. ummm.. Eveline? She told me she would be here. Umm.."

And I was told that someone in there spoke English, it was Emmanuel. He had a British accent as a result of living in the UK for some 5 years. Anyways, I sat down with the peoples and spoke in broken German.

But German!!!

Ahh.. I am so excited. I am able to say stuff in German now.. make conversation. And get through what I want to say. It might be so wrong, but they understand! And I am so willing to speak. Even in front of 12 people.. heck, I gotta try sometime don`t I?

Then Eveline came in.

And we all moved downstairs.

The message was good, I`m sure... but I couldn`t really understand it, honestly. Oh well. It`ll take time. And then aferwards we all just hung out. Emmanuel showed slides from when he went on a mission trip to some place... Moldova? Um, it is near Russia? Who knows. Well, he does. And we all talked a bit more. And I just went out there, a bit forward if you ask me, and asked for a ride home. It was getting late and my host mom could drive me... but it was getting a bit too late and I wanted to stay till the end end end. The leader`s names are Sabine and Sonja... I think. Yeah, I`m pretty sure.

It feels so good at that church. I feel very comfortable. I like the people. The enviroment. And it`s a good place to make friends eh? Afterwards, to say good bye, I got to get and give hugs. Gooodnesss that felt so good, I really have missed hugs a lot. And I got lots of them. And I loved it. Loved it.

Sabine and Sonja drove me, Nathanja and Emmanuel home. Sabine and Sonja live a bit further into Sachseln or soemthing, but Nathanja (I think) and Emmanuel live right right below me... well, a bit down the street. But it was close enough that I just walked home from their home.

God really does have a plan for me.



cat said...

AAHH! That is so amazing Maggie! I am so happy that you German is coming along! It is even more amazing that you have found a good youth group! (by the sounds of it)I am so proud of you for getting out there and branching out of your comfort zone! kudos! I want to hear more in the future! Love is plentiful towards you! lol


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Odette said...

People should read this.