Monday, August 13, 2007

David Beckham - Making It Real

Mmkay. So it`s my third blog.. but whatever. The family is watcihng TV and it grossed me out too much. It`s where they go to hotels and look at the germs in the bed and vacuum and show everything.. gah, I couldn`t stand it :P

Anyways, I woke up this morning a bit later than normal... 9:00. And breakfast was all set for me.

I always clean my room each day in the morning, evening, and afternoon... I have nothing better to do.

On my calendar today it was covered in questions from someone... so I wrote a letter to them. Yep. Love the Sushi stationary?

It was a sunny day.. but also very rainy.

Next... well, I made book marks tags. I newspapers and food ads. The second one featured one of my favourite stores, Denners. And on it I put my new favourite drink, Rivella. Rivellla is impossible to describe because we have notihng like it in Ameria. No taste like it. But it`s pretty much pop.

And the first one was just a mix of all sorts of pixtures. I`ve started a collage of funny soccer faces... cause I have a soccer magazine now.

Click on a pic to see it bigger...

And I read a bit as well of my new Disney magazine. My family has a pile of old magazines they are throwing out and I rescued a few.

Then I bicycled around Sachseln a bit because it was a beautiful day.

And I went to the store, Denners, again and the Mezgerei.

Here, they have a different garbage system. They had it like ours but changed it last year because they figured, why shouldn`t people with more garbage pay more and vise versa. Anyways, now they have a bag system. You can buy a blue bag at the store, just one fee for a bag, and then you fill it up and put it in a special bin on every street (no garbage cans). You buy the bag at shops. Or you can get black bags and not pay... but you go to a special garbage center where they weigh it and you pay based on the weight of the bag. Clever eh?

Dinnner and Lunch was sausages... yum.

And for dessert we had a yogurt, granola, fresh berry thingy... I liked it.

OOH! Their mustard, it comes in some sort of a tube... like a giant toothpaste tube. I love it!

And I hung out a bit.. check out the other blogs.

And in the middle of this blog, I keep going to be with the family. Anita, Philipp, Brigitte, and I were all singing together some sort of camp song. Sigh. So nice. And then we were all shouting the alphabet together.... three languages at once. Loud, soft, quick, slow.

Thank you God for putting me in this family, you knew what I needed. More on that in another blog.

Oh yes, and here is my blazer:

Tchuss und thanks for the support,



caitie said...

I am really proud of you!

Your blazer looks amazing by the way!

Ola said...

I am so happy reading this :)

It was so rainy here today. And I actually have nothing to do. Even if I really could have something. But my aunt is afraid of letting me out, I don't know why...
Anyway, enjoy your free days and take care :)