Thursday, November 8, 2007

Excerpt from My Journal - March 28, 2007

Here is an excerpt from my journal.

I wrote it on March 28, 2007.

Funny thing is I randomly pulled out my journal on the same day that this entry refers to (October 28, 2007). Ok, so I looked at it one day early. But it was so random. What are the chances of seeing this.

Enjoy a look into my, er, personal thoughts.

So it`s pretty cheesy, but whatever. Still kind of fun to read right after I wrote it.

I meant to put it up the day of.. but my host sister had the computer. So here it is a bit late.

There are so many questions I have about my exchange.

Funny how in some 7 months (October 28, 2007) I will be able to look and read this article and see my questions. My wonders. I`ll realize that I had nothing to worry about. That I am so unprepared. Or that my worries are true.

I wonder about my future host family. Will they accept me for who I am? I ahve so many awkward ways and insecurities. I like to play my music loudish and jump. I like to express myself. I hope they let me alone in the house occasionally, so I can do this.

What about school? I`ve never gone to a school where I am all alone. Will they like that funny little American girl with horrible German? I`ve heard that no matter where you go, you can always find a friend.. but it`ll be a unique friendship.

Will I have any host brothers or sisters? Will they like me? Tlak to me? Help me? Reject me? Be annoyed by me?

Will I get my own personal space? I need space. Space to relax. Space to be me.

Everyday, it seems I encounter situations where I find items I need to remember to bring. I`ll probably start a list soon. How can I bring my entire life with me to Europe? I can`t. I need to let my old life go. I need to move on. To grow. To change.

Be with me this next year and for all my life. I pray that I will rely on you for my strength. I want to be like you. Show me your will for my life. I trust you.

Maggie Hubert

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that! It is wonderful to read! I'm glad that you've got a lot of insight, just from your own worries and insights! I love you tons and you know that.