Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Swing of Things

Life lately...

One of my new favourite things to do is stream my favourite Seattle radio to Switzerland.

It is easy to find the streaming button.

Now I have so much Chritmas music!

Here, Christmas music isn`t really a big thing. There aren`t even 10% of the songs we have in Englisch. Quite sad actually. A huge part of my Christmas life is, well, musik. So I stream the music and it makes me happier.

Today was quite laid back.

In the school aspect, today is my "late day." That merely means I get to sleep in longer every Wednesday because I have the first class free.

Well, I went to class to find out that I had two more hours free. The teacher was sick. And when the teacher isn`t there, they just let you do whatever.

Next I went to Englisch which is always culturally interesting for me. In fact today we were discussing cultural differences between Americans and Europe.

Biology... well, the teacher is quite nice. But nothing eventful.

Lunch was Alpler Magronen! Ask anyone in Switzerland I know, that is my favourite food here! It is like cheese and noodles on steroids. And my host mom grills up some garlic to go on top and that really tastes good.


I got to open and close our history presentations.

That was fun.

I was told I could say whatever, so I practiced with some random crap and was told. "Yes Maggie, all of it. The more you talk the less we have to talk." Naturally that was said originally in German.

Anyways... I spoke like I would. Whatever I wanted to say...

"One photo is one, and one is two!"

"One photo has the king. The king is fat."

In the end, I ended up wishing them a beautiful vacation... goes back to the Ukulele Band Days.

Then there was the entire cofusion of languages (nach verses nacht and ohr verses eier)...

After that, some of the girls in my class said some stuff that made me super duper happy and settled.

I don`t feel like typign it here.. but trust me, it stil makes me smile...

And realize that God totally knows what he is doing with me! He knows where I belong.

A little look into what happened:

*group looks at poster that says nachhilfe or something like that.. really means tutoring but I didn`t know that"

Maggie: Nachhilfe? Night help?


Person: Not night.. after...

Maggie: OooOhhh... not Night Help

*talking and explaining.. then talking about what night help would be*

Person: Bring bring. Maggie... I need help with this night.

Maggie: Well, first you must close your eggs...

That there was the problem, I confused the word for eyes and eggs... which made the whol conversation take another turn... and you can imagine the rest of what we talked about.

I guess you had to be there. But we were laughing quite quite hard. And keep talking about shutting those eggs.

Also.. the conversation was in German, not English, to the translation is a bit iffy.

Today Jorge and I hung out.

Just one of those times where you don`t really have to do anything.. so all goes well. Just sort of relaxing.

We went to the Weienachmarkt (Christmas Market) in Sarnen.. that was cool, but soo cold.

There were some 100 booths (I checked online) with all sorts of Swiss stuff... hats, scarfs, lots of gift items and home decor.

It was outdoor and so cold.

What was cool is how they shut down all the major streets in the city for this market. It was really snazzy. All festive and crowded. Everyone was there.

There was a live nativity with a choir singing, "Aint no mountain high enough.." and real sheep that come from my school.

Then we went to a church and then to a trampoline.




That`s life there. Jumping to Hakuna Matata, Bare Neccessities, and You Gotta Friend in Me while jumping.. life doesn`t get much better. You know me. I like the simple stuff. That`s what makes me happy.

We watched some Teen Girl Squad... cause they are cool.

Anyways.. that is life.

Life is just going on... better than ever.

I could not ask for anything more, I truly couldnt.

I have been blessed.

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I love your school. :)