Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Headache

I heard it might snow tomarrow.

I am excited [into oblivions].

(really really really excited... maybe a bit too excited)

I have had a headache for some *looks at watch* five hours.

Finally I figured it was time to take some action... besides resting.

Told my host mom.

She smiled...

Apparently.. having a headache means a change in the weather is coming or something.

So here I am.. my very own weatherman.

My head is like the weatherforcaster.. it knows when snow is coming.

How cool is that?

Photos from today are here:


Ola said...

My head does the same thing when the weather's changing - hurts :D
And the pictures. The pictures are AMZING! I love each one of them!

Greetings from cold East,

cat said...

Snow snow snow snow snow!!!! ILOVE SNOW!!!

Am I excited? OH YEAH!

well, for oyu at least.

maybe your head hurts because of pressure changes? I have NO idea. I just like to sound smart. :)

excitment for you from me is immense.

Mr. Clayton didn't show up to class today. and he is VERY punctual. and whenever he says there is a happens. no matter what.

there was supposed to be a test today. and he is usually good about getting a sub. we didn't have one.

he must be really sick. uh oh.

oh, and I just noticed that I am leaving this huge off topic thought on a blog comment. sorry!


Jesse said...

I want snow.

Very much.