Monday, October 8, 2007

A Afternoon and Evening with the Buchers


Went to church.

After church, had an invitation to eat with the Buchers.

It was refreshing more than you could believe.

The Buchers - amazing Christian family who is fluent in English.

Their two daughters walked home with me from the church to their house. They live 2 minutes from me, walking.

We had fajitas!

I drank apple juice... well tried to. In the end I threw up a bit in my cup from choking with laughter.

We played the Game of Life, in German.

I just had an amazing wonderful time... I loved it. Yep.

My Lemon Tart... they put the whipped cream on for me :P

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The Mom Unit said...

We're having less sweets around than usual, so that lemon tart looks REAL good.