Friday, October 5, 2007

Interlaken... and Youth Group


In the morning, afternoon, I went to Interlaken with Becca, Kristen, and Amarette.

My goodness.

Mainly we were on the train all day. A couple hours there and back.

We took the Golden Rails Panoramic or something like that trail through the Brunig pass and up and around to Interlaken.

We got there and defnitly did a Migros run. Food is essential to live. I packed to sandwhiches and hence was able to purchase some chocolate and chippy like thingys for the group.

We searched and asked for a park... and found one. It was amazingly epically just a field.

I ate chocolate.

That was a weeeee bit crazy after that chocolate and it took quite some time to calm down :P

On the train ride home, I cried a bit. I listened to the Rainbow Connection. My Dad sings that song.... and I thought I heard him for a moment as I listened. But I wasn`t sad sad. Just crying. And then I could laugh and cry. And my friends said it was a bit scary. Hehe...

Sorry about the lack of fotos... I am trying to be quick on the computer.

After that was youth group... one of my favourite times of the entire week! Probably the highlight.

Emmanuel led worship... and a lot of the songs were in English! Or had an English verison! I was quite the happy camper.

Also.. wow. I love my church. The youth group leader and her sister, they handed me something.... for my birthday, they got me my very own GERMAN BIBLE! WFJOWJFIFW.


I was happy into oblivions.

The message was on Ecclesiastes 7 or something... and all in Swiss German. Natanja helped me a bit with the trannslations as her brother spoke out the message.

Then we played Werewolf.. aka, Mafia. And I forgot how to play. But through their facial expressions, I understood most of it in Swiss German and the rest they explain in English.

I was a dorf... dorfer? Well, that is a villager in German.

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