Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Swiss Sleepover

Yesterday I hung out with Madlen.

She is a girl from my church and very sweet.

We met in Giswil.

Her house is an amazing storybook house! Over 100 years old!

And they have 4000 chickens and lots of cows.

And it felt like a very loving home.

I loved it there.

I got to eat grapes straight off the vine!

They invited me for dinner... it was soo good. Afterwards we read the Bible. And then I was invited to spend the night. So I did. And so that evening me and her sister and brother played a crazy cool Swiss card game.

And they gave me a toothbrush.

And pajamas.

And her mom said I looked like one of her daughters.. that made me smile.

And then we slept.

And now I am cover in at least 20 (I wish I was exagerating) bug bites... but it was so worth it.

I loved it!

In the morning, I was invited for lunch but had to go home.

But inivted to come back.

That was an amazing night. So simple... yet that is what I neeed in my life right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds really really fun!
I'm planning to go to Switzerland with Rotary! I live in Gig Harbor, your in seattle right?
Hope your having fun!
-Hilary N