Saturday, October 6, 2007

Luzern Fair... Mayssssa?

On Saturday, the 6th, I met up with Kyly and Becca in Luzern.

There were pirates, well, people just dressed like them, invading the bahnhof!

(My favourite song, a version of it, just came on the radio!)

Anyways... we walked outside and BANG there was a ferris wheel and the swing ride.

They went on the swing ride.

Kyly`s shoes came off and almost hit an old lady.

There was this crazy guy on the ride, well, a kid, and he sat there with his head on his hand in a bored position. He even yawned.

Gotta love them Swiss folks.

And I went to lunch for some random man`s 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday Man!

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